In the heart of the Cyclades...

Naxos Island

In the heart of the Cyclades in the heart of the Aegean, has always followed the fate of the adventure of residents of the Aegean. A fate intertwined with travel, exchanges, new techniques, innovative ideas, but wars and conflicts for hegemony of the sea. Everything is big – monumental – compared with the rest of the Cyclades. The area is 435 sq. km. and a coastline of 91 km The shape is an ellipsoid and a mountain range from North to South across the island. In the backbone of this ridge dominated Za Mountain (1004 m) and Lantern (908 meters) the highest in the Cyclades. The landscape of the island has many variations. Plains succeed arid areas, marble mountains ending in deep shadowed valleys, areas with vegetation host whitewashed villages, sandy beaches meet the sea. The coastline is almost straight and does not form a great natural harbors, which affected the occupations of its inhabitants since ancient times. On the island from end to end beautiful and clean beaches are small solitary coves. The land of the island is blessed with generosity and giving sovereignty to the life of this place.

O rich aquifer Naxos provides drinking water to wells and streams of the island. The fertile land produces citrus fruits, olives, fruits, vegetables, potatoes Naxos and amazing wine. Particularly developed animal husbandry and apiculture are offering excellent quality meat, milk, cheese and honey. Geological subsoil is of great interest because of the presence of emery, marble and granite that is exploitable products. The rocks are solid foundations on the island. In this majestic island of Cyclades, you get immediate sense of security and “fixed” means in this tempestuous sea state in the Cyclades. Naxos is the only one “universe.”


Saint George Beach | Naxos webcam | Greece


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